2019 generation
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2019 generation

Trained in different areas, residents of Salto, and technology enthusiasts, the first generation of ReconverTIte began its first steps in the world of testing.

  • Alfonsina Tironi

    Alfonsina Tironi

    I live in Salto and I was selected to be part of ReconverTIte. I like to read as I have good reading comprehension and analysis. I’m an observer, I pay attention to detail and I am responsible when making commitments. I feel that my passion for music helps me develop my sensitivity and empathy. I really enjoy being with other people and working with them as a team.

  • Cecilia Papalardo

    Cecilia Papalardo

    I'm interested in projects with a strong social impact that improve the quality of society. I am motivated by the new challenges that allow me to think and solve problems that expand my capacity for analysis and critical thinking. I propose to be enthusiastic, committed and persevering with my work and to be able to face multiple and different tasks. The experience of living in several cities has given me the flexibility to adapt to different realities and learn from them.

  • Clara Pagani

    Clara Pagani

    Through ReconverTIte I am taking my first steps towards the world of technology, specifically in the area of ​​testing. At the same time, I am studying to be a Graphic Designer, as I am cultivating a professional profile that combines technology and creativity; behind him, my passion for art and my curiosity to understand the world around me.

  • Lucía Martínez

    Lucía Martínez

    I am an enterprising, creative and positive woman, therefore I am always looking for solutions to any challenge I face. Getting involved and working as a team generating synergy and new friendships defines me. My reality is a constant search for new opportunities.

  • María Julia Peirano

    María Julia Peirano

    I am a responsible person, I think and evaluate decisions before making them. I pay special attention to details, I am organized, meticulous and a perfectionist. I'm picky with myself; The proactive search for value in what I do is one of the qualities that define me. My experience shows me that working as a team is the best way to do things. I am motivated by challenges and continuous learning. As a member of ReconvertITe I am discovering Software Testing, and I enjoy learning from the world of IT.

  • María Rodríguez

    María Rodríguez

    I am passionate about technology, always willing to continue learning and developing myself. I am characterized by being reflective, curious, observant and analytical. I enjoy actively participating in a team. I adapt to new situations, constantly seeking to improve.

  • Mariana Sambucetti

    Mariana Sambucetti

    I am Mariana, lover of dogs, tennis and travel. I’ve been an accountant by profession but I am constantly looking for new challenges, which is why I am currently starting in the world of Testing.

  • Milagros Olivera

    Milagros Olivera

    I am an active and dedicated entrepreneur. I am able to harmonize and organize work teams very easily. I like to feel challenged and that’s what motivates me to always achieve the objectives that I set for myself. I fully trust my ability to learn and I’m constantly looking for new opportunities that add to my personal and professional life.

  • Patricia Carbonell

    Patricia Carbonell

    I love meeting people and I really enjoy teamwork where I can exchange ideas and learn with and from others. I am persevering in the pursuit of my goals and dreams, I do not like to give up easily, so I always take action in situations that arise.
    Without fear of changes, I constantly look for new challenges; Today, one of them is testing.

  • Zaida González

    Zaida González

    I am creative in solving complex problems, results-oriented, I have great analytical ability, I like to investigate. I am passionate about innovation, I am curious by nature and adaptable to new challenges.