We believe in the importance of software quality and we help you to achieve products that make a big impact.

ReconverTIte. Women in Testing provides software testing services that help companies develop high-quality digital products.

Our functional testers who are experienced in agile methodologies are also trained in soft skills such as proactivity, teamwork, and time management; essential skills to achieve efficient results.

ReconverTIte's software testing services provide a critical vision of the development of the project, looking not only for errors but also opportunities for improvement through suggestions. Moreover, testers can count on their assigned mentors from Abstracta, a leading software testing company, for added support in any project they undertake.

Functional Web Testing

Functional Mobile Testing

  • Documentation of the test plan.
  • Design and execution of test cases.
  • Clear and concise reporting of errors, bugs, and incidents.
  • Presentations of the test results to the development team.
  • Coverage of multiple devices and browsers.
  • Adaptation to the methodology and tools used in the client project.

Why is testing important?

Software users are extremely demanding and expect high-quality products and besides that, there's great competition in the market due to the vast number of products that are constantly being released. It's extremely important to have an adequate quality management process to minimize errors in production, which will save time and money as well as provide a better customer experience. Therefore, the more complex the business logic of a system, the more relevant it is that its functionalities don't fail.

How we work

How you can engage with ReconverTIte's testers:

Testing Services

Purchase a package of testing hours from ReconverTIte


Hire our testers directly and add them to your team

ReconverTIte facilitates the selection process through its talent placement services.

ReconverTIte supports its testers during their first three months on the job through mentoring sessions with our tutors and test experts. This allows the women to successfully join the project, knowing that someone will be there to guide them whenever they have any technical or methodological questions.